John Adams

Thanks to that marvelous invention,the DVR, the Agricoli taped the multi-part series “John Adams” when it aired in April. Being consumed with school and such, we wanted to be able to watch the well regarded program at a time when we could savor every word. We have just spent the weekend in glorious solitude watching every single second of the miniseries.

What a great show! Watching television without commercials, in segments that ranged from one to two hours in length, we were forced, by interest and curiosity and the the need for more context, to stop, rewind, replay and, yes, ‘google’ the people and events that were critical parts of an amazing story. And what a story it is……

We laughed, we cried, but mostly we enjoyed. You should, too.


4 Replies to “John Adams”

  1. ohhh, I’m so jealous. I was obsessed with the John Adams book at one point so I’m assuming the show is at least as cool if not more

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