Music Through The Generations

It’s the time in our lives when friends start throwing parties for their daughters. These parties can take several forms; sometimes a party at the home of the parents, which is nice, and sometimes the form can be a BIG party at a hall. The latter form means tuxedo, band, and LOTs of people.

So, last night, we joined 500 or so of our closest friends to celebrate the coming out of 5 daughters. A great time was had by all…..

The Voltage Brothers provided the music. As usual, the music begins gently enough, not so loud as to prevent conversation, and not so energetic as to distract the old people from the task of meeting the daughters. But, like a carefully managed psy-ops campaign, the flow of the evening is regulated by the volume and genre of music.

And here is where things are different. When I was in my early 20s and starting to participate in these kinds of functions, the first hour of the party was for the adults. Once they cleared out, it was time to get it on. The music changed, the ‘feel’ changed, and it was time to get down and dirty.

We knew that our parents hated the music that we liked, that we listened to at college parties, and that they considered a most radical departure from ‘their music’.

But the music that we liked is STILL the music that these kids like. I mean, Sixty-Minute Man was an old song in 1972! Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag still gets ’em on the floor.

So, you know, we’re all fighting for room on the dance floor, and sometimes the parents are better dancers than their children…..although it is somewhat disconcerting to see Mom shaking her booty with a little more enthusiasm that her son’s date. Or more likely, it is disconcerting to see my friends’s daughter shaking her booty witht the same enthusiasm that I witnessed from her mother in 1972….

I just wonder about the trans-generational nature of music, and what it means for all of us to have much more in common with the children than our parents ever had in common with us……


4 Replies to “Music Through The Generations”

  1. This is an excellent post! My children are not there yet, and I have two boys. So I only have two to worry about, you know what I mean.

    And your so right, my wife can really shake the booty. I’m sure that will embarass my oldest son one day.

    And is that you in the picture?

  2. We must have been at different parties or do we have THAT many new faces in Charleston? These people look clean,sober and a lot the top drawer of Easley. Where’s Hundley, Harvey, Cheshire, Chaddie, Chipper, Cotesy or Jules? Where’s that portrait of Lonnie up on the wall ? Where is the gatoring section? Did you go to a reception at the Pumpkintown Country Club by mistake? There was a near insurrection when Jimmy Beam was discovered to be the house bourbon, but fortunately Makers Mark was brought in as a call brand. I don’t see anyone from 29401 in this photo. Maybe you ate one of those crab-like canapes they force fed the late staying guests and had an out of Hibernian experience.

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