Thumb Drives

In a spasm of nerdiness, I decided to take one of my thumb drives with me to Montana. I had a small database that I had spent a fair amount of time designing, and the paranoid in me was afraid that my house would burn down while I was away…….

Anyway, once in Montana, an occasion arose where we needed to move some documents from one pc to another. While some of the ‘summer friends’ were gathered around, I said something like: “I know, we’ll copy it to my thumb drive and then to the other pc”……

I might as well have spoken the words in Chinese… one had any idea what I was talking about.  Flash drive, I mean memory stick…you know, one of those storage devices for files and documents that we all use….. It was pretty funny, in retrospect.

So, when I stumbled upon this site, I just had to write this post. Take a look at the site……here’s another example:

I can’t stop laughing…….


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