Hear, Hear

The endless drumbeat of derision and deceit from the chronicles of the “objective, un-biased, main stream media” is just about to turn the great unwashed electorate of America against the candidate of change and hope. Great news, if you ask me.

Somebody else thinks so, too:

What we are seeing is a sort of meltdown in which the selection of Palin is associated with the first real possibility all summer that the messianic Obama may not necessarily ascend; that triggers a certain repulsion toward her in particular, and a general furor at the once likeable McCain (once likeable to present-day Obama’s supporters in the past sense that in 2000 he was going to lose, perhaps divide Republicans, and was not George Bush), which, in turn, can conjure up all sorts of no longer latent demons, going back to Vietnam onto to Iraq and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The problem (inter alia) with this vicious, loose use of “traitor” and “lie/liar/lying” and blanket condemnations of the US military is that it achieves the opposite of what the authors intend — and repelling most readers to such a degree that they are scared off from anything the writer seems to be advocating.

We’ve seen that with the Atlantic Monthly pictures and blog rumors about Palin’s recent Down Syndrome pregnancy, the unhinged hatred columns of the sort of a Salon‘s Cintra Wilson or those suggesting riots or global hatred of the U.S. if Obama loses, the Matthews/Olbermann rants, the daily salvos from the NY Times columnists,and the hourly Palin rage from spoiled Hollywood prima donnas.

Do they have any idea of how they sound or where this leads? Despite an unpopular incumbent, economic upheaval, unpopular wars, and a charismatic Democratic candidate, the media, hand in glove with Obama’s messianic sense of self, are doing all they can to lose a once sure election by the sheer repugnance of the way in which their anger is expressed and expressed and expressed . . .

And again, it seems uncontrollable. Didn’t anyone learn from the General Betray-Us ads?.

Thanks, Laura.


4 Replies to “Hear, Hear”

  1. Atlantic Monthly rumors? LOL. A little research would clear this up: http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2008/09/responding-to-h.html

    But never mind the facts. If you’re a conservative, you make up your mind, facts be damned! LOL

    Palin’s favorables have dropped almost 10% in the last four days. Most people are at least beginning to see that she is way in over her head. Funny you should bring up the media. Why are they hiding from the media? Why did McCain campaign manager Rick Davis want to wait until the media showed her “deference”? She’s prepared to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but she can’t handle questions from David Gregory or Wolf Blitzer? Pathetic.

  2. Ahhhh, Andrew…..a voice of reason in the wilderness of media mirrors:

    I find the account of her pregnancy and labor provided by Palin to be perplexing, to put it mildly, and I have every right to ask questions about it, especially since we have discovered that this woman lies more compulsively and less intelligently than the Clintons. If a story does not makes sense or raises serious questions about the sincerity of a candidate’s embrace of a core political message, it is not rumor-mongering to ask about it. It is journalism. And in the absence of any information from the Palin campaign, I have aired every possible view trying to explain it. What else am I supposed to do? Pretend these questions don’t exist? Pretend her story makes sense to me? I owe my readers my honest opinion. That’s not rumor-mongering, it’s fulfilling my core commitment to my readers.

    “The reason the press is finally angry is because they are sick of being lied to so aggressively and contemptuously and being denied any meaningful access to a person who could be elected vice-president in six weeks and technically assume the presidency within a few months. All my factual questions of more than two weeks ago, moreover, remain unanswered by the McCain campaign. They are all factual questions demanding simple factual answers that any campaign that wasn’t bent on deceit and lies would be more than eager and perfectly able to provide.

    Why haven’t they? When will they?”

    Liars, all, are the Republicans. And, according to you, “If you’re a conservative, you make up your mind, facts be damned” Great riposte, and totally reflective of your mindset.

    Why, you seem to be the first (of many, I’m sure) that are living, breathing examples of the post.

  3. Just wondering why you didn’t even try to answer the questions.

    Why are they hiding Palin from the media, save one interview (in which they whined about Gibson anyway)? Why did McCain campaign manager Rick Davis want to wait until the media showed her “deference” as he said on FNS? She’s prepared to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but she can’t handle questions from Bob Schieffer? Or maybe Katie Couric is too threatening? Ah, but they sent her to Hannity! LOL. VERY telling.

    It’s probably not even worth coming back to see if you answer those, let alone your obsession with making the media some kind of bogeyman. Good luck w/your blog.

  4. Mark: I’ve been around for awhile. It didn’t take long to learn that folks like you want to pick fights, not have discussions. We obviously come to this conversation with vastly different opinions. Your aggressive tone, and very opinionated view, indicate that you’re not interested in persuading, but that you want to spew a little invective. Try it somewhere else.

    Personally, I’m not at all concerned about whether or not you come back to this blog. It ain’t about, or for, you.

    See ya…..

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