For Mark S.

T’other day, I scribbled together a post that got the attention of a visitor, who jumped into the comments with hands up, legs spread, apparently ready to do battle over the contents of said post. Having fallen off the turnip truck a while back, I recognized that any conversation between he and I would consist of tirades whose rhetoric would expand exponentially into screeds. What with school and life, I ain’t got the time to fuss with card carrying members of the netroots and their universe of discourse and so, being older and smarter, I turned the other cheek.

But, later, I noticed a post that kinda summed up what I think Mike was going to say. Take a look, here.

Some highlights to entice your jump:

Good morning, hillbilly mouth-breathers! How are we today? Did we put our shoes on the correct feet and wipe all the drool off our faces before heading outside to plant turnips and whup our kids? Good, good.

Now go find a Democrat to help you read the rest of this post. I’ll try not to use words that are too big or fancy but if you come across something you don’t understand, your Democrat friend is right there to explain everything.

See, you’re good folks but you just don’t know what’s good for you. You listen to Rush Limbaugh, and that is wrong. You watch Fox News Channel, also wrong.

Now, he wasn’t clear on which radio or TV shows are the “right” ones to watch, but I’m guessing they would include all the ones who are blatantly and unapologetically in the tank for Mr. Obama himself. You’re too stupid and confused to know it, but that would be ALL OF THEM EXCEPT FOX. Your Democrat helper-friend can show you how to use your TV channel menus and radio tuning dial to find those. Try not to get any poop or slobber on those devices during your lesson.

…In fact a Democrat is typing this for me right now because I’m so confused about how to handle Obama’s staggering genius that I’ve curled into the fetal position and am sucking my thumb, which I only stop doing long enough to shout out the N-word and ask for some juice and Froot Loops. After I’ve been fed, my Democrat is going to read aloud from Daily Kos for me until it’s time for my nap.

I guess Mike was on to something……..

Thanks, Rachel.


5 Replies to “For Mark S.”

  1. wait a minute – someone actually wrote that and thought it was supposed to make them seem anything other than ignorant and childish? wow, people really amaze me with their pathetic ability to only answer by attacking others thoughts on a topic

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