The Stench of The Politicians

Nancy Pelosi strides to the podium to deliver her plea for votes for the Bailout Bill and tears into the Administration and Republicans with a vehemence and bitterness that almost defies belief. The Republicans, being a party of principle, use her speech as a reason not to vote for the legislation whose sole purpose is to save our economy.

Many in Congress voted against the bill because they felt that their re-elections would be placed in doubt by angry constituents. Put another way, given an opportunity to vote for the national interest, those brave politicos opted to vote the way the angry crowd demanded. The abyss awaits.

To those who would say that a NO vote was a matter of principle, I would ask for evidence in past voting records which indicates that the majority of these ‘principled’ politicians held to a higher standard. The evidence will be lacking in most cases.

Our elected fatcats effectively hold a sinecure, prospering personally while spending freely and without consequence. Opposition, principled or otherwise, cannot force change because of gerrymandered districts that effectively reduce competition while ensuring a lifetime of ‘service’ in Washington and state capitals. The over-riding purpose of office-holding seems to be the continuation of same, often at any price or the sacrifice of any principle. Venality, then, becomes the operative function. The rewards come in the form of edifices erected with the condition that they carry the name of the still alive politician, real estate opportunities, and other income generating deals needed, apparently, because the income earned in the service of the people is not sufficient.

Maybe, just maybe, this latest fiasco will cause us to reclaim the right to elect good people to do good things. I sure hope so….


2 Replies to “The Stench of The Politicians”

  1. I personally would vote in favor of a term limit for Congress members. Perhaps if they were less concerned with getting re-elected they would be more concerned with actually doing their job.

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