Some Perspective, Please!


The democrats, netroots, progressives, socialists, media types, and Obama adorants are outraged by the comments shouted out by attendees at McCain/Palin rallies in states like Ohio and Florida. (Note the distinctions, which are, I believe, the key constituencies of the Obama machine.) One can hardly read the web site of a national newspaper or watch a network news report these days without being reminded that the racists, the reactionaries, the bitter, and the religious are out in force, and they’re only found in the crowds at republican rallies. Not for long, if Obama wins, will this be tolerated is the unstated message of the reports.

The Anchoress is as upset as I am about this state of affairs, but her eloquence on the matter surpasses my meager literary skills. As she notes:

No wonder the GOP rank-and-file are edgy, and angry.  They know what “free speech” is.  They’ve been gritting their teeth and respecting the first amendment for the last 8 years, watching the opposition say outrageous, hateful, incite-ful things with impunity.  They’ve watched and tolerated it because it is the right of every American to say what they want, and that right is paramount.   The rank-and-file – for all they’re derided as “nazis” tend to respect that.

The GOP base is watching the left declare, “free speech for me, but not for thee,” and now, they are getting pissed off…

The GOP rank-and-file is watching the privileged and elite, rather
comfortable and oh-so-sophisticated, “what is an outlet shop?” press –
which does not even try to hide its disdain for middle America – do
everything it can to advance an agenda that half the country is
convinced will not serve it. They’re watching this same press
– purportedly filled with smart, open-minded people – dismiss the
reasoned reservations of half the nation over a spectacularly untried and ill-defined man of dubious association as either “ignorant” or “racist.”

The crowds know they are neither “ignorant” or “racist.”  They know that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his friends.
They also know that the things they dislike in Barack Obama are the
very things they disliked about the caucasian Al Gore and John Kerry:
the philosophy of government solutions over marketplace, the elitist
disdain for their own values, and the sense that too much power
consolidated in one party and enabled by the complicit press is simply
bad for the country.

There is much more to the post, of course, so go read it.

Update: A comment from TigerHawk’s blog…..

makes the point as well.


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