One of the central tenets of the Obama candidacy is that the alternative, 4 more years of a Bush administration, is unacceptable to democrats in particular and the nation as a whole. McCain has apparently been ineffective in rebutting the claim, which the Obama team knows is false, and which the voters apparently believe. Such short memories.

Remember this?

John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, has
repeatedly and personally asked Senator John McCain, the
independent-minded Arizona Republican, to consider being his running
mate, but Mr. McCain has refused, people who have spoken to both men
said Friday…

Word of Mr. Kerry’s personal entreaties, and Mr. McCain’s flat
refusal, may bring an end to the persistent, and at times fevered,
speculation among Democrats and others about the potential of a
bipartisan ticket, with the two friends and Vietnam veterans matching
up against President Bush and Vice President Cheney, neither of whom 0f
fought n that war.

Mr. McCain’s testy relationship with
President Bush, whom he ran against in 2000 for the Republican
nomination, fueled the speculation, even though Mr. McCain has
repeatedly denied being interested in the job.

If we voters can’t remember the salient details of the last election, a scant 4 years ago, and accept direction by media campaigns that are, at best, only half-truths, then we get what we deserve.



One Reply to “Remember?”

  1. In McCain’s own words he voted with the president 90% of the time. Whether he has a testy relationship with him or not he certainly seems to agree with him.

    I do however definitely agree that if this country had a better memory we would have better people running it. It’s amazing how quickly we forget…

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