The Weekly You Tube Broadcast

It’s really a very, very crafty thing to do. I’m talking, of course, about Obama’s decision to transmit his weekly radio (or Tubecast, if you prefer) broadcast via You Tube. Who listens to the radio on Saturday afternoon? Nobody! Who uses You Tube like Facebook? The Kids!

What a great way to communicate with his strongest base. He’s unfiltered by the print, radio, and tv media, using a medium not understood by the majority of his supporters who are either too old or not connected to the web. Let’s not dwell on the fact that Obama is acting presidential before he is actually the President, by thinking that we need to hear from him before, you know, President Bush steps down. It’s probably okay, but it just feels, well, a little unseemly. And, ummm, will the loyal opposition also begin using You Tube soon, or do they just want to fade into oblivion?


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