SC’s Dirty Little Unemployment Secret

That's the headline in this post, coming to you from the curmudgeonly FITSNews.

The lead paragraphs:

You wouldn’t know it by looking at our state’s 9.5% unemployment
rate, but tens of thousands of new jobs were created in South Carolina
last year … only to lie dormant as no workers were found to fill them.

In fact, over the last eighteen months, the number of unfilled jobs
in the Palmetto State is roughly the same as the current number of
individuals drawing unemployment benefits, according to job placement
data obtained by FITS.

There's been a lot of talk in Columbia over the last few weeks about the lack of operational efficiency and accountability on the part of the Employment Security Commission.

Sounds like the ESC has become/is a backwater patronage job for favorites of our legislators. Nothing like a major economic crisis to shed some light on our state government's bass-ackward way of serving its citizens.


One Reply to “SC’s Dirty Little Unemployment Secret”

  1. What’s especially ironic about there being unfilled jobs in South Carolina is that is in the process of moving its customer service offices to Florence, back from being outsourced overseas.

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