Doing Your Thing – WordPress, Hosting, & Blogs


Over the Christmas holidays, I came across an article from one of my favorite bloggers, Dr.Mercury, which described the process by which one could set up their very own website. As someone who has blogged for just over three years, happily using the services of Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress, moving onto my own domain, using a template that I could really tinker with, was simply too much to pass up.

And so the journey began. The domain name had been secured three years ago, and signing up with a hosting service was painless. The easy to understand posts by the good Dr. Mercury hustled me through the setup phase, and before you could say "I love to blog", I was ready to go. The first post felt as if truly belonged all to me.

The past few weeks have been a time to tinker, as time permitted, making minor tweaks, installing new plugins, looking at and finally beginning to understand php, and generally digging into the innards of blogging.

It has been rewarding, satisfying, and slightly addictive.

And a lot of fun…


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