Arose Saturday morning prepared to participate in the annual running of the Charleston Bridgerun via television and internet. To our dismay, the live, televised version of the race was not to be found on our local channels. In a way, that’s understandable given the cost of producing a live tv event in the current harsh economic climate.

But what’s not understandable is the lack of live race action via the internet. Where is the live site, with individual racer’s positions, webcams, and course updates?

Fortunately for we sofa-bound many, there’s twitter. With the hashtag #bridgerun, at least we can get updates from those amazing souls who can run and tweet and capture twitpics at the same time. In fact, the great photo above comes from @tracep, who graciously uploaded the shot to twitter.

But really, in this time of unparalleled web-based communication, why isn’t the race more technologically savvy?


One Reply to “#bridgerun”

  1. Hi!
    Great news— we did produce a 1/2 hour special on the CRBR that is airing all this week on Comcast C2. It includes Bart Yasso as our co-host, known as the “mayor” of running (he’s also an editor for Runners World Magazine). Tune in tonight (Monday) 9pm and 1030pm and then various times the rest of the week. Great blog!

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