But What If The Pirates Don't Respect Our Legal System?

Multi-cultural. Nuanced. Consensus. In consultation with other countries. Searching for diplomatic solutions.

None of these high minded concepts have slowed the pirates of East Africa from continuing to board ships and hold crews for ransom. I think of it in the same way as the English privateers of the 16th century must have considered the heavily laden Spanish galleons; as a never-ending stream of opportunites to acquire wealth beyond the pale.

I mean, at the very basic human level, what motivates decision-making? Fear, greed? If the greed urge overcomes the fear urge, greed occurs; not until the fear urge assumes a greater role will decisions change.

Does the thought of spending 5 years in a federal prison in the United States, with shelter, television, regular meals, and great health care scare an East African pirate? Is any one of them willing to do a little hard time knowing that they will, soon enough, return to the beaches of Somalia and loll about with their share of the millions of dollars earned from ransom payments?

But don’t worry, folks. The FBI and the Department of Justice (late of the Stevens case) are ready to investigate and prosecute. I’m sure those East African pirates are shaking in their dashikis.

PowerLine lends a little perspective…..

The FBI is preparing criminal charges against the Somalian pirates. This is reassuring too: "[O]ur Justice Department has said that it would favorably consider prosecuting such apprehended pirates." That’s kind of them.

Of course, there is ample precedent for such criminal prosecutions. When Jefferson dispatched the Navy to the Mediterranean to stop Muslim pirates from enslaving Americans and others, he told them to make sure to bring the pirates back alive so they could stand trial. And above all, he instructed the Navy not to step foot on the Shores of Tripoli without a search warrant.

This is what happens, I suppose, when you have lawyers running everything. National defense becomes just another type of litigation. Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of the Obama administration’s approach to the problem of piracy.

UPDATE: Negotiations with the pirates reportedly have broken down, and the FBI is treating the hijacked ship, the Maersk Alabama, as a "crime scene." That’s what they did with the Arizona, right?

This is getting ridiculous…….

UPDATE: Well done, Navy SEALs!!!

Further Update: This Somalian gentlemen does NOT seem to be suggesting that there might be a discovery process, depositions, indictments, negotiations, and the possibility of indictments should another US citizen fall into their hands.

One pirate named Ali, in Galkaiyo, Somalia, said the American Navy rescue won’t discourage other Somali pirate groups at all.

“As long as there is no just government in Somalia, we will still be the coast guard,” he said, adding: “If we get an American, we will take revenge.”

We’ve been warned.


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