A Fish Out of Water

The picture below captures perfectly the essence of my being. The Osprey, a magnificent raptor, is the symbol for Calculus and Computer Science. The fish, an insignificant link in the food chain, is the symbol for I, the hapless student.

Observe the grasp of the Osprey, with it razor sharp talons embedded in the brain and spine of the poor student fish, whose eyes are wide open and apparently focused on the immediate future, i.e., evisceration and consumption while alive. The Osprey, surely an efficient predator, has grasped the prey in such a way as to ensure its grip, while streamlining the fish to make flight less difficult, and, I assume, to allow the prey to see its impending doom. One can’t help but think that Nature has created these two creatures, Osprey/Math-CompSci and Fish/Student solely to ensure the fulfillment of the natural order of things. Some fish get caught, some get away. It’s really the luck of the draw….

2 Replies to “A Fish Out of Water”

  1. I watch one fishing over at Dolly’s house in Mt. Pleasant. Had no idea they could crash into the water and get back up like that–defies physics. Anyhow, this guy missed , I never saw him catch a fish but it was great watching him work.

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