Snake Handlers

We all know about Pentecostals that handle poisonous snakes as a part of their religious services; in fact we recall a PBS airing not too long ago about the practice wherein a grizzled old pastor proudly showed off his multiple injuries suffered when the "handled" snakes did not take kindly to his ministrations. Gnarly, it was.

But this picture says that Pentecostals got nothing on the good folks in other parts of the world (I hope)…He isn’t handling snakes, he’s breathing snakes. It’s way too much to contemplate.


8 Replies to “Snake Handlers”

  1. In the last week I cleaned out a frig that had been sitting full of food with the power off for over a month and changes several nasty ass diapers. So take it from an expert… that is one gross picture. It just ain’t natural to have snakes up yo nose. We need a new post! NOW.

  2. that is the most sick and distcusting thing ever dint eever post it again ewwwwwwwwwwwwww omg i think im gonna be sick

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