Finding Your Center

What with the start of a new semester and exposure to a slightly different weltenschauung, a lot of "philosophy" has come my way. If you follow my tweets, you might have seen the pearls that recently came from one professor on the danger of using a pda or phone in class. Not for her the threat to answer the phone for you, or to take it away for the weekend, or to smash the offending device against the wall. She spoke on a higher plane…"Be where you are, be here now". The point being that we students need to be focused on the present, the classroom, and not on what happened last night or is going to happen later today.

While (ahem) doing some research on the web, I came across the social media pyramid and was compelled to write a post on finding balance in your day. A reader took me to task for spending 9 hours a day on social media, as if the pyramid was my daily routine. Folks, I just post information that I think has value…it is not (always) a reflection of my personal agenda. As the Sage of Formosa has said. "You don’t have to believe what you think".

So, in the spirit of sharing information, and not necessarily expressing my personal, firmly held beliefs, I present the Venn Diagram seen above. VDs (a common shorthand among stats students who spend entirely too much time trying to figure probability from these little monsters) are really pretty neat, so if your personality belongs to one or more of the domains listed, see if the VD matches your preference.

And if you want to know my profile, just look for this post on Twitter.

H/T MarketProcessBlog


3 thoughts on “Finding Your Center

  1. Agricola

    Follow this link for a nice explanation of social media in general. Pay attention to the video. Also, note that twitter has not found its footing with students; the growth is coming from older readers…it is quickly becoming THE medium for communication in small business and technology. I daresay it might be of use to the scientific community at the mouth of the harbor.

  2. Sándor

    That’s pretty interesting: I have been preferring facebook above all other social networking sites, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the stalker type, nor do I think of myself as a narcissist.


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