Reporting From Iowa


This could be me, but it’s not. It is an intrepid Iowa blogger taking advantage of free wifi, at whatever cost. Picture courtesy of The Hawkeye.

Unlike last year, Christmas Day finds the ground clear of snow after two days of drenching rain, 20 mph winds, and temperatures in the high thirties. In other words, the worst of winter without the kindness of a snowscape. There are flurries at this moment, with the high today of 22, so we may yet  have a white Christmas.

The wonders of the 21st Century just provided us in Iowa a nice chat with them in South Carolina via Skype. What a great tool that is…and my in-laws are demanding that we put it on their desktop. Tomorrow we will be invading Staples for to buy a webcam for their desktop. Henceforth, we will be able to chat with them at least weekly (gulp).

Last night the in-laws invited their closest friends to join us for Christmas Eve supper. Yours truly was the appointed chauffeur, who drove to various ends of town to retrieve Eleanor (91), and the lovely couple Bob (84) and Margi (90). Walkers and wheelchairs took up the third seat. While the median age of the table was probably about 40, the mean had a pretty serious rightward skew. But fun was had by all, and the Christmas Spirit flowed smoothly between the generations.

Now it’s football games, judicious exchanges, and endless nibbling on forbidden foods.

Reporting from Iowa………..


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