Did I Tell You I Got A Job?

Yep. The folks at my school received a request from a local business for some names and, bless their hearts, two faculty members forwarded the information to me. An hour later, I sent a cover letter and resume; 20 minutes later I had a phone interview, and a few weeks later commenced working.

I won’t pretend that the transition from student to worker bee was a snap – far from it. My body and mind had, without any awareness on my part, adapted to the “rigor” of academia. That is to say, if I was tired, I slept, If I was hungry I ate, If I wanted to exercise, I did. Yes, I studied hard, for hours at a time, but…….it’s not quite the same.

Perhaps more challenging has been the relationships with the employees at the firm. You see, for many years of my working life I was the top dog. I grew comfortable in the knowledge that I was, mostly, the final stop for problems and solutions. Well, kiss that goodbye. I am the bottom rung on the ladder; the new kid on the block, the tyro of the firm. I make mistakes, I have to ask for help, and my actions are fairly closely supervised. It’s a new day, baby!


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