Neptunus Lex

I lost a friend yesterday. His name was Carroll LeFon, and he was a retired naval aviator. He leaves behind a wife and three children, and thousands of fans who knew him as Neptunus Lex. He was one of the first bloggers I followed when I became aware of and gained access to the internet. I knew him as well as anyone can know someone they have never met. We had similar interests, and he was what I had once wanted to be, so it was easy for me to think I understood every word he ever posted.

Rest in peace, Captain. 


Fine Tuning the Machine

 A careful reader might have noticed that small changes have taken place here at Agricola. A few old time favorites have disappeared from the blog roll – not because we don’t like them anymore but because they have either quit posting or the subject is not at the top of our reading list. Tastes change, as do we.

The plan is to replace them with new favorites, when I can remember how to adjust the settings….it’s been too long since I fiddled with html, css, and wordpress settings. But we will get there, eventually.

Did I Tell You I Got A Job?

Yep. The folks at my school received a request from a local business for some names and, bless their hearts, two faculty members forwarded the information to me. An hour later, I sent a cover letter and resume; 20 minutes later I had a phone interview, and a few weeks later commenced working.

I won’t pretend that the transition from student to worker bee was a snap – far from it. My body and mind had, without any awareness on my part, adapted to the “rigor” of academia. That is to say, if I was tired, I slept, If I was hungry I ate, If I wanted to exercise, I did. Yes, I studied hard, for hours at a time, but…….it’s not quite the same.

Perhaps more challenging has been the relationships with the employees at the firm. You see, for many years of my working life I was the top dog. I grew comfortable in the knowledge that I was, mostly, the final stop for problems and solutions. Well, kiss that goodbye. I am the bottom rung on the ladder; the new kid on the block, the tyro of the firm. I make mistakes, I have to ask for help, and my actions are fairly closely supervised. It’s a new day, baby!