One thing I learned early on is that gauging weather patterns on a college campus is impossible if you are using male attire as the metric. I’d forgotten, I’m sorry to say, that we fellas don’t need much clothing, even in the dead of darkest winter. Shorts, flip-flops, wrinkled t-shirts? It must be December. Jack Frost in town for a visit? No problem, put on that long-sleeve t-shirt under the short-sleeve t-shirt. A 19 year old guy is impervious and bullet-proof.

The girls are a different story. Bundled like eskimos, they grumpily endure the cold season, warding the winter’s chill with every weapon in their closet. But all it takes is a hint of pollen in the air, and the promise of an hour or so of air temperatures in the 70s, and like all of Nature’s great hibernants, they emerge suddenly to greedily embrace the warming rays of Sol.

It’s great to be on campus.



Why the Democrats are in Trouble


Recently my fellow blogger Xark put up a post that passed along a purported comment on a righty blog. I tried to alert him of my suspicion that he had plucked some low-hanging fruit that likely was meant as bait for the progressive elements.

So, in the spirit of sharing political stupidity, please consider the following:

CWCID: My Hunting Spot

Hello, World!

No, I didn't disappear, or decide to stop the blog, or disagree with the muse. I lost my sign-in, and when I tried to log-in with Typepad using my gmail account name, Typepad wanted to create a new account for me. A complete fiasco, with a disappointing level of support from the Typepad folks. Thanks to blind luck, and some desperate typing, I'm back on board.

More to follow……

In Memoriam

In memoriam…

Last night as I strolled abroad

On the far side of my farm

I was approached by a comely maiden

Who left me distraught and weak.

I was captivated by her demeanour and shapeliness

By her sensitive and delicate mouth,

I hastened to approach her

But for Ireland I’d not tell her name. (Mary O’Hara, A Song for Ireland).